Corporate and HR

HR departments for corporations have different goals and situations than individual subscribers. We realize that cost containment is at the top of the objective list for corporations large and small.

That’s why we’d like to offer you a solution tailored to YOUR unique situation. We have implementation options for BidRx that can integrate into any prescription benefit design, saving employers from 52 to 70 percent vs current drug spending.

Call us up. We’d be happy to introduce the BidRx savings system via webinar and give you a demonstration of the savings potential for you and your group. Give us the particulars of your program and we’ll do the rest. Whatever contractual concerns you may have, BidRx has come up against every scenario possible. We have the potential to save you and just as importantly, your employee’s tens of thousands of dollars. Two and a half million subscribers and growing every day.

So take just a moment and find out much money you can save each and every month.

Here’s the e-mail for Tom Ritchie an Independent BidRx Sales Representative. He’ll be happy to answer questions from the smallest company to the largest corporation.

Of course in this age of e-mails and texts, sometimes you’d like to talk to someone. Simply drop us a line on the Contact page, and we’ll be happy to get right back to you.