RX Ready Now is your gateway to BidRx Prescription Savings System

As you may have already discovered, many of the links, information and even the logo of BidRx are also on the BidRx web site.

Why two sites? Well because even though everything you might need is on the BidRx site, it looked a little intimidating. There’s a lot of information that you may not need (although it’s there if you’d like) and we felt simple is better. Our goal was to create a place that was user friendly, easy to get around and above all, simplify the process.

Our Goal at BidRx

To connect consumers and prescribers with pharmacies, manufacturers, and benefit sponsors; and empower them to make better, more cost-effective drug and service purchasing decisions.

BidRx is a secure, internet website that links consumers with pharmacies, manufacturers, prescribers and payers so all can make better decisions when purchasing prescription drugs. BidRx provides the information consumers and prescribers need to choose the best drug; then allows consumers to define pharmacies they want to compete for their prescription business.

The BidRx Demo: How It Works

Our BidRx How It Works Demonstration is a step-by-step Flash movie that explains how the auction process works, and what the advantages are to using BidRx for your prescription needs.

Take a look at the BidRx Demo

If you don’t have Macromedia Flash, visit Adobe to download the player.

and learn to use BidRx. Then subscribe. No special computer is needed. No special software is needed. Just a web browser and access to the Internet.

Once you’ve subscribed, we’ll send you a referral code and you have access to all BidRx has to offer.

  • See cost of prescriptions and services in past 30 days.
  • See list of participating pharmacies in your geographic area.